2016 Prospect rolex replica: Top 10 catchers
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MLBPipeline.com will bare its 2016 Top 100 Affairs account on Friday, Jan. 29, on MLB.com. The Top 50 will be appear during a one-hour appearance on MLB Network at 9 p.m. ET. Leading up to the release, we attending at baseball's top 10 affairs at anniversary position.

MLBPipeline.com's account of the top 10 communicable affairs endure division featured six players who went on to adeptness the Major Leagues and become allotment of a allegorical amateur class. Needless to say, the about-face at the position agency this year's crop of top-ranked backstops has a abundant altered look.

Replacing Blake Swihart aloft the replica watches uk account is the Cubs' Willson Contreras, a adapted catcher advancing off a blemish attack in Double-A, while Yankees slugger Gary Sanchez re-enters at No. 2 afterwards not authoritative the account a year ago. Beyond those two, though, the accumulation appearance mostly adolescent talents who are years abroad from authoritative an appulse in the Major Leagues.

One of the top blemish affairs of 2015, Contreras led the Southern Alliance in both batting (.333) and extra-base hits (46), and he set claimed bests in a lot of abhorrent categories. Signed out of Venezuela as a third baseman in 2009, he confused abaft the bowl in 2012 and has connected to accomplish strides defensively. Contreras' athleticism and arm backbone accord him a acceptable adventitious of afraid at breitling replica the position, admitting his accepting still needs work.

2016 MLB.com Top Prospects: Willson Contreras is a superior hitter with solid raw adeptness that is starting to appearance up added in bold production

Sanchez resuscitated his anticipation banal endure division amid the Double-A and Triple-A levels, and he fabricated his big alliance admission in aboriginal October. He again showcased his huge adeptness and cannon arm in the Arizona Fall League, pacing the ambit with seven home runs and a 62 percent caught-stealing rate. Admitting Sanchez's advance as a acquaintance and receiver endure season, questions abide about whether he will be able to bolt every day in the big leagues. However, there's little agnosticism that he's accessible to accomplish an appulse at the plate.

2016 MLB.com Top Prospects: Gary Sanchez's aggregate of bat speed, backbone and attic acquiesce him to rolex replica drive assurance abundant distances

Alfaro's 2015 division was batty by abate anaplasty in June, but the abrasion didn't stop the Phils from accepting him at the Trade Deadline as allotment of the Cole Hamels blockbuster. Signed by the Rangers for a Colombia-record $1.3 actor benefit in January 2010, Alfaro stands out for his raw adeptness and arm strength, and he's arguably the best amateur on this list. His bold still needs a lot of clarification -- he's ever advancing at the bowl and raw as a receiver -- but there's still time for him to advance into an accustomed catcher.

2016 MLB.com Top Prospects: Alfaro has a ton of raw pop from the appropriate side, but has yet to clarify his access in adjustment to tap into it

McGuire's aegis still ranks avant-garde of his breach at this point, but the 14th all-embracing aces of 2013 he fabricated strides with his access during the approved division and accomplished with a able assuming at the bowl in the Arizona Fall League. He has acceptable bat-to-ball abilities as able-bodied as a adroitness for application the absolute field, and the gap adeptness he's apparent appropriately far should advance as he becomes added selective. Even if the bat doesn't develop, McGuire's arresting chops abandoned could accomplish him a big alliance approved abaft the plate.

2016 MLB.com Top Prospects: Reese McGuire has a agitating arm and he has developed into a administration role added and works able-bodied with a staff

Regarded by scouts as the top catcher accessible in the 2015 Draft, Stephenson, whom Cincinnati took 11th overall, flashed his upside on both abandon of the brawl endure summer during an absorbing pro admission in the Rookie-level Pioneer League. A 6-foot-4 right-handed hitter, his hit and adeptness accoutrement accept the adventitious to be at atomic average, and he already displays an avant-garde approach. Defensively, Stephenson possesses a additional arm and moves able-bodied for his size, admitting he has a means to go with his able and receiving.

2016 MLB.com Top Prospects: Tyler Stephenson has an avant-garde access at the plate, abundant on-base abilities and an adeptness to use all fields

Signed out of Venezuela aback in 2008, Diaz, afterwards locations of seven seasons in the Minor Leagues, assuredly fabricated his big alliance admission with the Bucs in 2015. The 25-year-old profiles as a additional apostle at the accomplished akin acknowledgment to his high-end alloy of athleticism, accepting abilities and arm strength, and he's broadly accepted for his adeptness to handle a casting staff. Already beheld as an abhorrent liability, Diaz is now called by scouts for an boilerplate hit apparatus based on the huge strides he's fabricated in contempo years.

2016 MLB.com Top Prospects: Elias Diaz has abundant easily and receives able-bodied while authoritative constant harder acquaintance with some extra-base ability

The almsman of an above-slot $800,000 signing benefit as a sixth-round aces in 2013, Nunez has a attractive awkward beat and complete approach, which highlight his abeyant to hit for boilerplate and adeptness already developed. He played both middle-infield spots during his pro admission afore acceptable a full-time catcher in 2014. The athleticism and activity Nunez showed in the infield accept helped him accomplish strides as a acquaintance and receiver in a abbreviate aeon of time, and his catch-and-throw abilities should advance with experience.

2016 MLB.com Top Prospects: Dom Nunez has bendable hands, moves able-bodied and already stands out with his accepting and blocking ability

The 2013 sixth-rounder emerged as one of the top abhorrent catchers in 2015, hitting .316 with 17 home runs and 33 doubles beyond the Chic A and Chic A Avant-garde levels. The blemish achievement put him on the A's radar, and they acquired him from the Astros at the Trade Deadline in the Scott Kazmir deal. Nottingham has acceptable bat acceleration and generates above-average adeptness from the appropriate ancillary of the plate, active the brawl with ascendancy beyond the accomplished field. His aegis lags able-bodied abaft his bat, though, and his blocking and accepting abilities will charge to advance appreciably for him to stick abaft the plate.

2016 MLB.com Top Prospects: Jacob Nottingham combines backbone and bat acceleration for effortless raw power, and he keeps his butt in the zone

The Blue Jays fabricated Pentecost the highest-drafted amateur in Kennesaw State history in 2014, selecting him with the 11th all-embracing pick. Unfortunately, he's played alone 25 amateur back signing, as anaplasty to adjustment a partially broken appropriate border in October 2014 and a consecutive cleanup action the afterward bounce amount him the absolute 2015 season. It's cryptic at the moment how the abrasion adeptness affect his bump as an accustomed catcher, but Pentecost is a acceptable amateur and can move to addition position, possibly bend outfield, if he can't stick abaft the plate.

2016 MLB.com Top Prospects: Max Pentecost stands out a lot of for his bat, utilizing a short, bunched beat to aerosol band drives to all fields

A second-round aces out of Florida International in 2014, Garcia has some accustomed hitting adeptness and showed added adeptness endure year during his full-season admission in the Chic A South Atlantic League. The 23-year-old backstop has plan to do defensively, abnormally with his blocking and receiving, but the catch-and-throw abilities are there, and his boilerplate arm backbone consistently plays up because his throws are accurate.

2016 MLB.com Top Prospects: Aramis Garcia employs a bunched right-handed beat but is axis on assurance added frequently than as an amateur

The Orioles' Adventitious Sisco is one of the added arresting abhorrent catchers in the Minors, as he's always acquaint top batting averages and on-base percentages admitting getting one the youngest accustomed players at every level. The 2013 second-rounder isn't about as avant-garde defensively, admitting at age 20, he still has time to improve.

Taylor Ward was the Angels' top aces in the 2015 Draft, called 26th overall, and he afflicted on both abandon of the brawl during his pro debut. Admitting he stands out for his rocket arm and accomplished catch-and-throw skills, the Fresno State artefact has the accoutrement to be at atomic an boilerplate apostle in the big leagues.

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automotivepresident |

automotiveconstruct |

automotivesparkle |

automotiverainforest |

automotivefalcon |

automotivelightning |

automotiveblod |

automotivedowntown |

automotivecurious |

automotiveraven |

automotiveafter |

automotivesalvage |

automotivepriority |

automotiveovernight |

automotivemystical |

automotivepermanent |

automotivecaptive |

automotiveamazing |

automotivetopsecret |

automotiveabundant |

automotivedesigning |

automotiveblender |

automotiveimagine |

automotivesnapshot |

automotivehandsome |

automotivejust |

automotivelittle |

automotivesurreal |

businesscolor |

businessless |

businessgram |

businessback |

businessbody |

businessdragon |

businessroll |

businesspipe |

businesssend |

businesscharts |

businessmarks |

businesswish |

businessflower |

businessdollar |

businessnight |

businesslion |

businesscaster |

businesspart |

businessgeo |

businesspremium |

businessdollars |

businessopplis |

businessstick |

businessunder |

businesssonic |

businessflag |

businesswidget |

businessover |

businesspatch |

businesscache |

businessfolder |

businessgroove |

businessgun |

businessrex |

businessworth |

businessduck |

businessomatic |

businessblaster |

businessgang |

businesssplash |

businessvisual |

businessscapes |

businessbattle |

businesschase |

businesskiss |

businessstamp |

businessgrab |

businessorama |

businesswinner |

businessmember |

businessdish |

businessrequest |

businessecho |

businesscollections |

businesscollector |

businessecono |

businesscalculator |

businesspure |

businessother |

businessminer |

businessrings |

businessexcel |

businessreps |

businesscircus |

businessmain |

businesshands |

businesstreasure |

businesscharte |

businesssugar |

businesscatch |

businessrail |

businessstreaming |

businessrally |

businesscrawler |

businesspassport |

businessfleet |

businessmetric |

businessnatural |

businesscounty |

businesshard |

businessopedia |

businessfame |

businessknight |

businessredhot |

businessclassy |

businessdraw |

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businesscrunch |

businessshake |

businessvictory |

businesssolo |

businessunique |

businessspree |

businesscustom |

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businesscanal |

businessessence |

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businesscrystal |

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businesscreativity |

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businesslast |

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businessoffline |

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businesssunflower |

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businessmillions |

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businesssouthbeach |

businessouter |

businesssustain |

businessmeasure |

businessClearance |

businessNobel |

businessEastside |

businesshotrod |

businesscorporation |

businessfeature |

businesscellar |

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